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Drogba Continues At Chelsea

Didier Drogba is an iconic figure at Stamford Bridge as his goals helped Chelsea on winning just about every major trophy out there. His collection of trophies include: Premier League, FA Cup, Football League Cup, Champions League and FA Community Shield. All of those were the awards that the Ivorian striker managed to capture during his time playing for Chelsea.

Even at his 36 years of age, he still continues playing for Chelsea with roaring applauds and ovations being given to the experienced forward who remains being admired by supporters of the Premier League club and his manager, Jose Mourinho.

Not many players in recent times have been able to accomplish and have an impact in the same level that Didier Drogba had during his golden years but Diego Costa is turning heads around as the former Athletic Madrid player is turning out to be the savior for Chelsea.

Chelsea was consistently struggling trying to find a reliable goal-scoring option but their search seems to have ended with Diego Costa having already scored 4 goals in 3 matches and the Brazilian born attacker is at the spotlight of just about every match.

Even though the season has only just started and Diego Costa has not made a large number of performances for Chelsea, the €32 million that the English club had to pay in order to sign him is already turning out to be a bargain.

Even Didier Drogba himself has praised Diego Costa during a press conference as the Ivorian forward said that Costa kick started his career in Stamford Bridge better than he did.

Drogba told reporters: “Diego Costa has started very well. He looks special. He’s scoring goals and helping the team. He’s settled right in and he’s started much better than I did!”

During the first season of Didier Drogba in Stamford Bridge he managed on scoring 10 league goals but Diego Costa has already scored 4 goals in just 3 matches for Chelsea.

Torres And Lukaku Compete For Spot Alongside Costa

With Diego Costa’s signing having already been officially announced and confirmed to the public it does not look like Chelsea would have to look around for another player that can strengthen the attacking department of the squad.

Diego Costa was expected to be partnered up with Fernando Torres as the future of Romelu Lukaku still remains uncertain. The Belgian player was performing in the past season with Everton on a loan deal but now that the contract is over he would be making his return to Stanford Bridge but the 21 year old forward once said that if he does indeed go back to Chelsea it would only be as a starting player.

So far, Lukaku has only made 10 league appearances for Chelsea and he wants to have a guaranteed spot in the starting lineup of Jose Mourinho much like his time playing with Everton where he appeared on 31 matches.

Inter Milan has launched offers towards Fernando Torres but the Spanish forward wants to remain at Stanford Bridge and prove why Chelsea was willing to pay €50 million in order to sign him which means that there will be a competition between Torres and Lukaku to find out which player will be playing alongside Diego Costa who has his place assured.

But things might get even more competitive with the recent rumors that are linking Chelsea with Didier Drogba as the Ivorian attacker is being taken into consideration by Jose Mourinho as well as the staff members of the club.

Some time ago Ryan Giggs had a role in Manchester United to play as a player-coach and this is what Didier Drogba is believed to perform with Chelsea if he indeed to come back to Stanford Bridge. The place that saw him winning a number of glorious titles including: 3 Premier League trophies, 4 FA Cups and the Champions League but with his possible return to the Premier League club, there is a possibility of the Ivorian man being able to add more trophies to his name.


Didier Drogba and Ivory Coast have not enjoyed going through successful moments during the past World Cup participations as they on the 2006 and 2010 editions but failed on getting past the group stages.

In 2006 Ivory Coast had to settle with a 3rd place finish as they fell behind Argentina and Netherlands and 4 years later during the 2010 World Cup, Ivory Coast couldn’t get past Brazil and Portugal in the standings of the group stages and that was as far as they have been able on reaching.

This time around Ivory Coast was pitted against Japan, Colombia and Greece in what is expected to be a much simpler group stages and considering that this will be the last World Cup of Didier Drogba, he wants to end his international career with Ivory Coast on a high note.

“Competing at the previous two tournaments was very difficult. We have a realistic chance to do better in Brazil and get past the first round’’ Drogba stated.

The French manager Sabri Lamouchi is the person in charge of Ivory Coast to help the nation reach a platform that they have never been able to accomplish in their history and he has praised the importance that Drogba has in the squad even at his 36 years of age.

“Didier is a great footballer who contributes so much to the team and he can be a major factor in Brazil. Ivory Coast has never reached the second round and should we do so in Brazil, there is a sense that nothing is impossible.” Lamouchi announced.

Yaya Toure is another high profile player who is expected to be one of the main engines and driving forces behind Ivory Coast and their journey through the 2014 World Cup.


John Terry’s contract with Chelsea runs up until the end of the current season which is in summer and no extensions have been made which raises the question on whether or not the English defender will still be playing for another year.

Something that is clear however is the fact that he wants to create a future in management. Once his playing days are over there is little doubt that Terry will still be involved with the sport in one way or another even though it is outside of the pitch.

Chelsea is presenting the veteran defender with some opportunities for him to initiate himself as coach primarily at academy level first as an incentive to sign a new deal although for the time being, he wants to focus on playing and finishing his career rather than start venturing on something new and different.

The head boss of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho has warned John Terry about what it is to actually coach a club and suggested him not to get too wrapped up in the idea of management.

‘You can be a leader as a player and be in trouble to be a leader as a coach,’ said the Blues boss. And you can be an ordinary player without any voice in a team and go in one direction where you become a fantastic manager. There is no relationship at all.

‘I was a more than ordinary player with a big voice in a team.He has to think now about playing. It’s what he enjoys more.

‘I know players that become managers and you think they have no conditions for that. There are others and you feel they look like they have conditions to be and they aren’t. It’s a bit of a box of surprises.’ Mourinho said.


During Galatasaray’s 2-0 triumph against Elazigspor, Didier Drogba took the chance to pay his own tribute to Nelson Mandela with a shirt that had: ‘’Thank You Madiba’’ written on it. Despite making the gesture and the tribute to one of the most influential figures in history as Mandela has made, Didier Drogba is now facing sanctions in Turkey and might even be fined for his actions.

As Turkish news source Hurriyet Daily News explains, the next step is for the pair to explain themselves before a committee:

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) justified the decision by arguing that the players wore the t-shirts in the match against Elazığspor without receiving permission beforehand. Both players displayed the t-shirts after the conclusion of the game, which the Lions won 2-0.

Former Arsenal defender Emmanuel Eboue also made a similar tribute as he joined Drogba and is facing the same problems and sanctions as his teammate Drogba.

Drogba has responded by posting a picture montage on Instagram including a photo of his own meeting with the former South Africa president.

He adds that he would do it again:

I’d be very interested to see your comments on this…but I’m sorry if I had to I would do it again and again. Nor because of political beliefs but because this man inspired me, a country, a continent, the world!!!!! Thanks again Madiba.


Former Chelsea player Didier Drogba won the 2013 Golden Foot award. He had to beat a list of star-studded players with some of the best footballers over the age of 28 and still are playing.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the previous winner of the trophy and now Drogba became the 1st African player to obtain the award.

The list of players include: Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo Samuel Eto’o and Miroslav Klose.

Even though he is 35 years old, he still continues accomplishing amazing feats. He guided Ivory Coast to a crucial 3-1 victory over Senegal when playing in the play-off of the CAF World Cup and pushing his team even further by scoring goals in the Super Lig and the Champions League.

Galatasaray snatched him up hoping to construct a team that can fight against the top dogs of Europe as they also signed Sneijder from Inter Milan.

Striker of Liverpool Daniel Sturridge stated that Didier Drogba gave him some advices that has helped him in his career.

“I saw Didier in Miami this summer,” Sturridge told a national paper.

“He said the strongest thing an individual can have is the mental strength.

“He told me, ‘It’s not about the tactical, it’s not about the technical, and it’s not about the physical.

“If you believe in yourself it will set you apart.”

Sturridge and Drogba know each other from the time they spent together when playing in Chelsea some years ago.

The veteran spoke about his future and he expressed his desire to continue playing for 4 more years.

“I hope God will grant me the required health and conditions to be able to play four more years,” he said.