Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has said thatAfrica is lucky that the impact of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic was not severe on the continent in comparison with other continents like Europe and Asia.

Didier Drogba spoke to media portal africa news about Covid-19 and the African continent as he also spoke about the state of governance on the continent.

The Ivorian football icon said that there has been significant improvement in governance on the African continent over the last five years. He also pointed out that the continent is a late developer in comparison with the other continents.

On his hopes for Africa, Didier Drogba revealed that he’s hoping for a stable Africa and that he’s hopeful that the young people on the continent will stop fleeing to the west for greener pastures.

Didier Drogba is a legend for both Premier League giants Chelsea and Ivory Coast whom he captained for several years. Drogba was the skipper of the first Ivory Coast squad at the FIFA World Cup tournament. He was the main man as the French speaking country made their debut at the 2006 edition in Germany.

Chelsea signed Drogba from Marseille in the French league for a then club-record fee of £24m. He didn’t have the best of starts at Stamford Bridge but he was able to recover to produce the goods for the Blues on a consistent basis.

Didier Drogba won the Premier League title in each of his first two seasons at Chelsea under the Jose Mourinho managerial era. In the first Mourinho spell at Chelsea, Drogba played a major role in winning two successive league titles.

The Ivorian football legend also played his part in the Premier League title won during the second Mourinho spell. In total, Drogba won four Premier League titles at Chelsea in addition to the 2011/12 Champions League title. He won three league titles under Mourinho, while the other one came under Carlo Ancelotti.