Le Mans was the initiation of Didier Drogba’s career

The French side Le Mans was the initiation of Didier Drogba’s career at the professional stage and it was a very difficult start for the attacker hailing from Ivory Coast as he was hampered with injuries and his family life made it very difficult for the player as he was a father at the age of 21 which was the same time when he signed his first contract with Le Mans.

Even with all of those initial struggles and obstacles that Didier Drogba faced during first few years, the player managed to overcome all the odds and turn into one of the best forwards in the history of the Premier League and for Chelsea as well.

After having played for over 16 years with some of the biggest clubs and players in the world, Didier Drogba is well aware that his playing career is reaching it’s last few phases and this is why he recently has been saying words of wisdom to his fellow teammates and helping out the younger players in the start of their careers.

“When I was younger I was training with amateur teams once or twice a week and going to school.I was 22 or 23 when a friend told me to focus on football for six months eating well, no clubbing, sleeping well, going to train. It did work.

So when I signed my first professional contract I was very, very, very happy. It was a very emotional moment because I had been working a lot to get there and I was proud to show my parents I could do it.’’ The veteran attacker Didier Drogba said as he revealed details concerning how it was for him to start his career during his younger days.

At his 37 years of age, Didier Drogba is playing a less influential role for Chelsea than what it used to be some time ago but even though the Ivorian player is not a prolific or regular starter at Stamford Bridge, Drogba has turned into a mentor for the younger player as the experienced player is giving his advice to the players who are still trying to mark their place in the Premier League club.