John Terry’s contract with Chelsea runs up until the end of the current season which is in summer and no extensions have been made which raises the question on whether or not the English defender will still be playing for another year.

Something that is clear however is the fact that he wants to create a future in management. Once his playing days are over there is little doubt that Terry will still be involved with the sport in one way or another even though it is outside of the pitch.

Chelsea is presenting the veteran defender with some opportunities for him to initiate himself as coach primarily at academy level first as an incentive to sign a new deal although for the time being, he wants to focus on playing and finishing his career rather than start venturing on something new and different.

The head boss of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho has warned John Terry about what it is to actually coach a club and suggested him not to get too wrapped up in the idea of management.

‘You can be a leader as a player and be in trouble to be a leader as a coach,’ said the Blues boss. And you can be an ordinary player without any voice in a team and go in one direction where you become a fantastic manager. There is no relationship at all.

‘I was a more than ordinary player with a big voice in a team.He has to think now about playing. It’s what he enjoys more.

‘I know players that become managers and you think they have no conditions for that. There are others and you feel they look like they have conditions to be and they aren’t. It’s a bit of a box of surprises.’ Mourinho said.