Chelsea legend Diddier Drogba alongside LeicesterforwardJamie Vardy and Gary Linekarhave lifted the spirit of  imprisoned Bahraini footballer, Hakeem al-araibi through the use of social media.

The  physical well being of al-Araibi, who is presently on detention in Thailand and who has also been supported by Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah, and Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, is on a downward trend as he faces another two months of imprisonment and the prospect of a return to Bahrain, where he may be tortured.

A  former Australia national team captain Craig foster, paid a visit to al-Araibi in his prison in Thailand last week, where human rights campaigners says he is being detained illegally  due to his statusas an Australian refugee.

Craig said al-Araibi was looking low  but incredibly happy when he told him about the support he was getting from Didier Drogba, Gary Lineker, Giorgio Chiellini and Jamie Vardy. He said the player’s reaction when he was told about supports from legendary  players standing up for him, brought a smile to his face. He went further by saying it was the only time he  saw him smile from the heart.

Al-Araibi who had fled Bahrain, was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in absentia for alleged vandalism during the 2012 Arab Spring anti- government. The Bahrain international was among a number of national team players arrested. He was playing in a televised match at the time of his alleged offence.

The Bahrain international was trying to sort out his life in Australia, but went  on honeymoon in Thailand where he was arrested and detained, after Bahrain alerted Interpol. He was refused bail during a court hearing last week and a date was set for hearing to decide whether he should be returned to his country to serve his prison sentence. despite efforts from the Australian government and football community to have him released.

World football governing body FIFA have expressed support for his cause with statement calling on his return to Australia. In the statement released they said since Mr al-Araibi now lives, works and plays as a professional footballer in Australia, where he has been accorded refugee status, the current situation shouldn’t have risen.