Didier Drogba Resigns from AFI

Didier Drogba has been in the news since he took up the vice president role in AFI. Currently, he has announced his resignation from this post, accusing the body of not taking adequate action on certain issues. He has sent an open letter to concerned media authorities. In that, he has stated that inaction on the part of the Footballers Association or AFI was the reason for his resignation. He found that the association was not responding to the expectations and needs of the players. The association should be defending the interests and rights of the owners.

Drogba has been the former skipper for the national team. When he retired many expected him to head the football association of this West African country. However, his candidacy was snubbed since AFI alleged that he was not sufficiently involved in the representative organization of the players.

Drogba, as an expert figure in international football, has given his views about the upcoming finals of the FIFA World Cup. He has warned Argentina to focus not only on Kylian Mbappe but on other players as well such as Aurelien Tchouameni, Antoine Griezmann, and Ousmane Dembele. He states that these are the influential players to look out for in the France team.

Both Argentina and France would be trying to win the championship in the finals of World Cup 2022 which would be held on 18th December 2022. Both teams would try to secure their third world cup trophy. It would indeed be a clash of two mighty teams. Didier is certain that Argentina would play an aggressive game against France. It would be their best chance at success since they would be playing against France who is the defending champions. Argentina was able to defeat Croatia in the semi-final match, a result that was uncertain till they won. Didier is confident that Argentina will have support from the crowd for the final match.